David C. Bell

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What is Dave?

Dave is a very good writer. He (as in me, the man writing this) has spent the last seven years researching and writing comedy and observational articles as one of the senior editors for the award-winning website Cracked.com. His work has been viewed by millions of humans on one of the pioneer resources of smart, informative, internet humor. Cracked has had an average of 15 million monthly viewers. It's YouTube page has over 2 million subscribers. Good people, that's the population of Houston, Texas for crying out loud. 

And yes, Dave The Good Writer has also written countless video content for the website Cracked.com -- including the popular series After Hours, Some News, and Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder. He has been working tirelessly to bring you sparkling comedy gold that also makes you see the world from a new angle. He is a very good writer.


What does Dave want?

Jeez, you guys -- I could really use a job. On account of massive layoffs at Cracked.com, Dave is currently looking for freelance or full-time employment as a researcher and/or writer.

Please enjoy this webpage he expertly designed via template to outline his various goals and accomplishments.